St Patrick’s Day in Enniskillen

A few words about us and what we’re about…

The voluntary committee of Project St Patrick first formed in 2010 following another year of nothing to do in our lovely town of Enniskillen. An actual ghost town, there was zero for tourists to do on a bank holiday and our own residents having to travel elsewhere. So following a well-attended public meeting, our rag tag committee formed and after begging and scraping from local businesses in town, we organised our first low key parade and fun day the very next year. Despite unease from some, in year 2 we introduced our flags policy to ensure everyone felt welcome.

Spring forward to 2023 we now operate with just 8 volunteers, 6 of whom have been there since the start, we’ve had people come and go and we are grateful for the contributions they have made over the years and for the additional help we get on the day.

What makes us most proud is the cross-community make-up our group; since day one our biggest goal was making St Patrick’s Day Enniskillen, a day for everyone. It is also our biggest challenge.

Myths, misquotes and inherited perceptions that St Patrick is only for one side of the community is our main cross to bear. Keyboard warriors are quick to judge, without reading the programme or acknowledging who our long standing champions are. However, our support has grown and more and more people like us see it as day to enjoy the bank holiday and making the most of what is on offer in stunning Enniskillen.

So our appeal today, with one week to go – if you haven’t done a St Patrick’s Day in Enniskillen for whatever reason, please take a dander down to the Broadmeadow and enjoy the atmosphere; the sights, the sounds, the flavours and everyone simply just having fun on a well-earned day off.

There is more that unites us than divides us after all, and sure the big man was most probably Welsh anyway.

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